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Restoring Leo Kottke's Gibson J45

This Gibson J45 was used on many of Leo Kottke's early recordings including the infamous 6 & 12 String album released by John Fahey's Takoma Records in 1969. The restoration involved resetting the neck, refretting and repairing multiple loose braces. Leo is known for tearing his pickguards off and this J45 was no exception. It was especially exciting to work on this guitar as Leo is one of my all time favorites. I, like many others, spent a ridiculous amount of hours trying to figure out the tunes on 6 & 12 String. It's probably hard for some to imagine but there was no music available or youtube to watch. This was many years before John Stropes and Leo Kottke collaborated on the wonderful music books featuring the actual transcription of Leo's tunes.