Masters of restoration and repair

Rauen Guitars 

Roger Glover of Deep Purple owns this bass and as the band evolved so did the bass. Rogers' needs have changed so it was time to get the bass back into the shop and make some adjustments. Roger is a true legend and I have to give special thanks to Greg for helping make this connection.

A little description of the work done; I inlayed a piece of maple to recreate the original rhythm pickup cavity. I also repaired the warped neck and re-fretted it as well. Next, I removed the Badass bridge and installed an original Rick bridge and finished up with a complete rewire job. I've taken a few snapshots along the way to show the process. Unfortunately as things will go with scheduling Roger was unable to pickup the bass. Fortunately Greg Rzab (pictured in both photos holding the bass), a good friend of Rogers and mine, was meeting up with Roger on the road so he picked it up and hand delivered it to Roger.

For those who are unfamiliar with Greg he is a bass player as well and has toured with John Mayall, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Page & the Black Crows, & Government Mule just to name a few.